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Oil immersed voltage regulator

Oil-immersed voltage stabilizer is a kind of electrical equipment, mainly composed of transformer tank, winding, insulation material and control system. The transformer oil tank is a shell used to store transformer oil and protect internal components. It has good sealing and heat dissipation properties. Coils with windings made of highly conductive materials are used to transmit electrical energy and maintain a stable operating temperature through cooling of transformer oil. Insulating materials include cardboard, insulating paint, epoxy resin, etc., used to protect windings from electromagnetic interference and the influence of the external environment. The control system consists of voltage regulators, electronic sensors and monitoring equipment, etc., and is used to achieve stable voltage output and monitor working status.

    Product introduction

    Oil-immersed voltage regulators are an excellent choice for a stable supply of electrical energy. Its highlights and advantages include: Stability: The internal oil cooling system can continuously and stably provide voltage to avoid damage to equipment caused by voltage fluctuations. High efficiency: Oil-immersed voltage stabilizer can effectively reduce the loss and energy consumption of electric energy, improve the utilization rate of electric energy, and save energy costs. Durability: Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the product's high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance and extend its service life. Safety: The internal oil-immersed design provides good insulation and isolation effects, preventing safety risks such as leakage and fire. Environmental protection: The use of environmentally friendly oil pool cooling system reduces environmental pollution and meets the requirements of sustainable development. These highlights and advantages make oil-immersed voltage regulators an ideal solution for stable power supply in industrial and commercial areas.

    Product characteristics

    The oil immersed voltage stabilizer is composed of voltage regulator and transformer SSTS (including, oil tank, stator, rotor top Cover, drive control motor M, hand wheel, control circuit board and secondary circuit elements for voltage regulation control. It achieves the rotational voltage regulation through electric motor drive or hand wheel and gear coupling within the rotation range of 180o. Besides, it is provided with the electric SS limit and mechanical limit on the upper end of the oil tank. For electric SS limit, the power supply of motor is switched off by a limit switch and for the mechanical limit, the rotational limit is stopped by bolt protector. The stator winding and rotor winding are fixed by the base frame and put into the oil tank with 10 # transformer oil. When the load generates heat, the heat dissipates from the radiating pipe by the way of Oil-immersed cooling. The oil immersed voltage stabilizer has the functions of phase failure, phase loss, overvoltage and ove

    Application scenario

    Oil-immersed voltage regulator is suitable for the following scenarios: Industrial production: Used to stabilize power supply to production lines, mechanical equipment and equipment control systems to ensure normal operation of the process and avoid failures and losses caused by voltage fluctuations. Medical equipment: used in hospitals, clinics and other medical places to ensure the normal operation of medical equipment, patient safety and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Data center: Used to provide stable power supply to key equipment such as servers and network equipment to maintain high availability and stability of the data center. Communication base station: used to provide stable power supply to communication equipment to ensure the stable operation and connectivity of the communication network. Buildings: Used to provide stable power supply to elevators, lighting systems, safety equipment, etc. in the building to ensure the normal use and safety of the building. The above are some application scenarios of oil-immersed voltage stabilizers, which can play an important role in various places that require stable power supply.