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Advancements in Frequency Converter Technology for Power Systems

The frequency converter is a device used to adjust the rotation speed of the motor. It realizes the regulation of the motor speed by changing the output voltage and frequency. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, precise adjustment and stable operation. It is widely used in transmission devices, pumps, fans, compressors and other equipment in industrial production. It can flexibly adjust the speed of the motor according to production needs, improving production efficiency and the service life of the equipment. This product complies with international standards, has reliable quality, is safe and reliable, and provides users with stable and reliable motor control solutions.

    Product introduction

    This frequency converter has many highlights and advantages that will attract your attention. First of all, it uses advanced frequency conversion technology to accurately control the speed of the motor and improve the operating efficiency of the equipment. Secondly, the inverter can automatically detect changes in motor load and adjust voltage and frequency according to demand to save energy and reduce operating costs. Moreover, it also has stable performance and reliable quality, and is suitable for various industrial production environments. Whether it's a drive, pump or fan, this frequency converter provides you with a reliable motor control solution. By choosing our products, you will achieve a more efficient and reliable production operation.

    Product characteristics

    This frequency converter consists of the following main components: Input power module: used to receive and stabilize input power, usually supporting multiple power input modes (single-phase, three-phase) and voltage ranges. Rectifier module: Converts input power to DC power for use by subsequent inverter modules. Inverter module: Responsible for converting DC power into AC output power with adjustable frequency and voltage for use by the power supply machine. Control module: Process and control input and output signals to achieve accurate speed regulation and protection functions for the motor. Radiator: used to dissipate the heat generated by the inverter module to ensure the normal operation of the inverter. Enclosures and Connectors: Protect internal circuitry and interfaces to external power sources and equipment. Through the coordinated work of these components, the frequency converter achieves precise control of the motor and improves production efficiency and energy utilization.

    Application scenario

    Frequency converters are widely used in industrial production, especially in scenarios with high requirements on motor operating frequency and speed, such as: Elevators and lifts: achieve smooth start and stop and accurate operating speed control. Sewage treatment: Adjust the discharge speed of the sewage pump to improve treatment efficiency. Air conditioning and ventilation system: adjust fan speed and air volume according to indoor temperature requirements. Manufacturing industry: Control the speed of mechanical equipment and the conveying speed of production lines. Wind power generation: Adjust the generator speed and power output according to changes in wind speed. Water pump control: Adjust the operating frequency and flow rate of the water pump according to the water flow demand. In these application scenarios, the frequency converter improves the efficiency, stability and energy utilization of the equipment through precise frequency and speed control.

    Product parameter

    Model Input Voltage Rated Power(kw) Rated Input Current(A) Rated Output Current(A)
    GE9000D-0R7G-S2 1PH 220V-240V 0.75 8.2 4
    GE9000D-1R5G-S2 1.5 14 7
    GE9000D-2R2G-S2 2.2 23 9.6
    GE9000D-0R7G-2 3PH 220V-240 0.75 5 3.8
    GE9000D-1R5G-2 1.5 5.8 5.1
    GE9000D-2R2G-2 2.2 10.5 9
    GE9000D-004G-2 4 14.6 13
    GE9000D-5R5G-2 5.5 26 25
    GE9000D-7R5G-2 7.5 35 32
    GE9000D-011G-2 11 46.5 45
    GE9000D-015G-2 15 62 60
    GE9000D-018G-2 18.5 76 75
    GE9000D-022G-2 22 92 91
    GE9000D-030G-2 30 113 112
    GE9000D-037G-2 37 157 150
    GE9000D-045G-2 45 180 176
    GE9000D-055G-2 55 214 210
    GE9000D-075G-2 75 307 304
    GE9000D-0R7G-4 3PH 380V-480V 0.75 3.4 2.5
    GE9000D-1R5G-4 1.5 5 3.7
    GE9000D-2R2G-4 2.2 5.8 5
    GE9000D-004G-4 4 10.5 9
    GE9000D-5R5G-4 5.5 14.6 13
    GE9000D-7R5G-4 7.5 20.5 17
    GE9000D-011G-4 11 26 25
    GE9000D-015G-4 15 35 32
    GE9000D-018G-4 18.5 38.5 37
    GE9000D-022G-4 22 46.5 45
    GE9000D-030G-4 30 62 60
    GE9000D-037G-4 37 76 75
    GE9000D-045G-4 45 92 91
    GE9000D-055G-4 55 113 112
    GE9000D-075G-4 75 157 150
    GE9000D-090G-4 90 180 176
    GE9000D-110G-4 110 214 210
    GE9000D-132G-4 132 256 253
    GE9000D-160G-4 160 307 304
    GE9000D-185G-4 185 340 330
    GE9000D-200G-4 200 385 377
    GE9000D-220G-4 220 430 426
    GE9000D-250G-4 250 468 465
    GE9000D-280G-4 280 525 520
    GE9000D-315G-4 315 590 585
    GE9000D-350G-4 350 665 650
    GE9000D-400G-4 400 785 725
    GE9000D-500G-4 500 883 820
    GE9000D-630G-4 630 1080 1000