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What is a 3-phase Isolation Transformer?


How Does It Work

Mainly adopting electromagnetic induction, the isolation transformer can reduce the capacitance of the primary wiring and secondary wiring. In general, there is an isolating circuit between the primary winding and the secondary winding of the isolation transformer. But if the frequency is high, there will be static interference usually on both sides.

Such interference can be avoided by placing the primary winding and secondary winding of the isolation transformer on different cores. In this way, the capacitance between the two can be reduced. Their positions have certain principles and functions. Concentric placement will cause static shielding, which has high anti-interference.     

Why You Need It

The primary side is completely insulated from the secondary side and the circuit is also isolated. The high frequency loss of the iron core is used to suppress the high frequency clutter into the control loop. The use of isolation transformers to make levitation of the secondary to the ground can only be used in the occasions with small power supply range and short circuit. At this point, the capacitance current of the system to the ground is too small to harm people.

Electrical isolation. As a kind of protective equipment, three-phase isolation transformer plays a very important role of protecting personal safety, isolating the hazard voltage. The low coupling between output and input capacitance of the isolation transformer can inhibit the interference caused by lightning, discharge, power grid switching, motor starting and other power grid noise. Therefore, it is an effective power supply noise suppressor. From this point of view, the isolation transformer has a better ability to protect equipment. As the electromotive force of the isolation transformer is obtained through secondary induction, and a circuit is not formed with the primary side (a circuit is formed with the ground), no electric shock will be caused.

Changing the voltage, for example, 3-phase isolation transformers can change an AC voltage from 220V to 15V, but a larger role it plays is to separate the 220V GND from the 15V GND. As we all know, there will be no current flow when the human hands holding 220V zero line and then contact with the earth, but the hands holding the fire line and then contact with the earth will cause life danger. The ability of the 3-phase isolation transformer to isolate the reference point (that is, the ground) is very important. After the isolation of the transformer, for example, the voltage is still 220V, and the two wires are not in contact with the earth, then any one of the hands of the human body connected to the earth will be safe.

The above is a detailed introduction of the principle and function of three-phase isolation transformers. The basic function of three-phase isolation transformer is naturally to be a transformer. Isolation transformers, having very good insulation effect, are widely used in industrial production. Only with a better understanding of the principle and function of three-phase isolation transformers can we use three-phase isolation transformers in our daily life.

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